The photographs above cover almost 100 years of Trinity's History.  The first is a picture taken in 1915 before the tornado which destroyed
the giant spire. The other two pictures were taken in more recent years.

A Bit of our History

Trinity United Church of Christ in Hanover, originally Trinity Reformed, was founded on Dec. 13, 1883 when 125 people signed

a charter indicating their wish to become a new church.  The Congregation was formally organized at a meeting held in

Emmanuel Reformed Church.  The first officers were elected, and arrangements were made to hold services in the old United

Brethren Church, Abbotstown Street., now Broadway, in the low building which still stands across the street from Emmanuel Church.

A search for a permanent location resulted in the purchase of the present day York St. location where operations began

in the spring of 1884.  The Chapel was dedicated Oct. 19, 1884 and on Sunday, Nov. 22, 1885 the church was dedicated. 

During the years the Chapel has been enlarged many times. The first exterior alterations of any consequence occurred in

1915 when, as a result of a storm, the lofty spire was damaged beyond repair.