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  • A Message from Pastor Steve Ostendorf

    I am overjoyed to be the pastor of Trinity UCC. God has blessed this congregation and its people with a heart of love for one another and the community. The Spirit has been made manifest in the historic ministries and missions which continue to guide the congregation in our walk of faith today.

    I believe that God has blessed each person with gifts and abilities for the glory of God and for the benefit of humankind. Just as God loves us, God calls us to minister to one another and the world by living in faith and demonstrating: love, kindness, compassion, and mercy to all.

    I welcome all who wish to explore a relationship with Christ and his people to join with us in worship, education, service, and faithful living as a way to discovering of the ‘life worth living’ that Jesus invites us to seek and find through him.

    May you find blessing in the pursuit of faith that leads to the joyful and meaningful life God has dreamed for you.

    Pastor Steve

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